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We are Going To Celebrate 1 Year Completion On 18 -Jun-2021
Published on 12-06-2021

Dear All,


We are happy to Celebrate 1st anniversary on 18-Jun-2021.
The past year was absolutely amazing and we were citicized by lot of people becuase this the same tamplate of one of the fraud site closed in past.

That day we promissed and told that we don't have any connection with any sites in past or till now .

Our site financial health is very good and we will share the detaild picture on this  in the comming week.


Thanks to our members who trusted and continued to with us.


This is possible only all of you people support .





News Update
Published on 28-04-2021

Dear All,

This Notice From our hosting server , Not from our Website.  As per the below cerculation on 03-May-2021 from 21:00 To 22:00 GMT , our site may be not avaliable for 1 Hour .

We will perform a scheduled server maintenance on 03/05/2021 (3rd of May, 2021) from 21:00 to 22:00 GMT time.

Your website or web application will be affected with a downtime of around 60 minutes.

Reason: We will be upgrading software in order to improve the performance.




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