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Started by Admin 2020-06-21 at 16:20
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Dear honorable DollarBaps Members, We are all here as a family and try to build a clean and Spam free community. Where you get motivations by other successful members as well as also Entertained. So for Clean our Forum Community I want to post forum rules here so every member must follow the forum rules. So All of our members must respect and follow DollarBaps Forum rules are mentioned below.

Forum rules:
1) Unmeaning Posting not Allowed (Example: Only emojis or only write single Characters)
2) Double-posting Or reposting the same content is not allowed.
3) Advertisements or any External Links Not allowed at all.
4) Abusing, Harassment, Insulting, or use of Hate words or any bad language not allowed with anybody.
5) You must use English To Post in all the categories Except the International category.

Currently, DollarBaps supporting These 10 International Languages RUSSKIE, ESPAÑOL, DEUTSCH, FRANÇAIS, Hindi,
. So Post In Your Preferred Language clicks on it and post.

We can understand that you must need to Discuss Website Feature, Issues, and Success. These activities also motivate to Admin and team to keep stable the Site. To help you with this purpose, the Technical team already creates Different sections where you can discuss and post anything but according to DollarBaps Forum rules as mentioned above.

For Rules Breakers:

If anybody of you Break DollarBaps Forum rules the first time, he/she got a warning from any of our team members.

Afterward, our Moderators keep a deep eye on your activity and if you continue such activity you will be ban from posting in the forum and in some cases may be got suspension from the DollarBaps account.

If you got suspension from the DollarBaps account in this situation one time you can request to get back your account but you will be lost all of your account activity e.g. Account balance, BAP, PB, or any assets you have before.

Clean and spam-free Forum helps us to keep our website alive longs time and provide you more chances for longtime earnings. All of DollarBaps honorable members and team members love having a clean and attractive good looking forum.

I hope all of you read carefully and understand everything Clearly. So next to be careful about forum posting. Thank you for your understanding.
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