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Dear All Dollar Baps Members

Started by Admin 2021-04-07 at 09:23
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Dear All,

In this internet world every day there are the people who behave like smart and innocents .
They want money without doing anything , Then what they will do simply hack others accounts or simply collapse their competitors..

So the same thing happened to us . Last one week these B****d hacked two times our site and he tried to withdraw funds from our site also

He is promoting only two sites we will give the details of the sites what he promoted. Soon we can find who is this Black Cat .

His two user id's is here .
1) Kral34
mail id : [email protected]

2) Administration
mail id: [email protected]

He is promoting below two sites

Please find the user id's of other site .





Hi Registration , Country and IP Details follows :.
As per the initial Analysis .. This black cat is from Turkey

His system id and cookie he used to login to our system as follows

He used other account to withdraw funds

we have collected more details of this Black Cat

We are suspecting two guys
1) Recently we shared our admin and hosting details to one Scammer. who promised us to enhance our site and even we paid $50 to this beggar , once we paid the amount that's it he never respond to us and we have all chat history of this beggar and twitter id and more over he is running site like us , that is also a bap script.
And the amount we paid to him is here .

See his payeer id we paid to him

We are not giving his site names here because of we are yet to conclude the Black Cat is the one or the other competitors

2)May be our competitor's who want to grow by collapsing us

We raised to our cloud team with the cookie and computer_id details we will publish more details soon about this Black Cat
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Good Job sir ?????
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